• It’s official! The documentary film project I’ve been working on, which grew out of a play that I wrote in 2012, now has a new name – ALL WE’VE GOT.

    And there’s a new web address to go with it:¬†www.allwevegot.org
    (Don’t worry, any old links will still work and shoot you over to the new site.)

    Formerly called The Unknown Play Project, after my play Unknown, the project brings together a documentary film, a national tour of events, an interactive website, and published material to look at the disappearance of physical spaces where lesbians and queer women gather. Learn more about the project here.


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  • Can you hear it? Turtles’ muddy hibernation-slowed claws scraping the sun-drenched rocks? Buds cracking and bursting with color? Sugars rushing beneath the bark of trees? Tiny bugs and little birds shifting and moving in the dried grasses and leaves, filling their bellies? The not at all subtle squawking of mallards fighting over a lover? The very distant preening and spreading of millions of wings readying for the long journey north? Spring…IMG_5065

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