New Name for the Documentary Project

It’s official! The documentary film project I’ve been working on, which grew out of a play that I wrote in 2012, now has a new name – ALL WE’VE GOT.

And there’s a new web address to go with it:
(Don’t worry, any old links will still work and shoot you over to the new site.)

Formerly called The Unknown Play Project, after my play Unknown, the project brings together a documentary film, a national tour of events, an interactive website, and published material to look at the disappearance of physical spaces where lesbians and queer women gather. Learn more about the project here.


Unknown Now Published

Earlier this month Private Commission published my play Unknown, the one that inspired The Unknown Play Project.

You can now purchase copies at (preferred option), on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and numerous other sites. Get your copies today (it’s only $8). And if you feel up for it, give it a quick review on the site you buy it from or on Goodreads.

If you’re in New York, and want to see this title in your local library (or other titles, for that matter), you can use this form to request that the library consider purchasing a copy.

Sarah Nakano’s Road Trip Photos

Sarah Nakano, the fantastic production assistant for the Unknown Play Project, developed the photographs she took while we were on the road and has posted some of them to her website. A couple of them are posted below, but you can view the full gallery here.

Photo: Sarah Nakano
Photo: Sarah Nakano

Photo: Sarah Nakano
Photo: Sarah Nakano

You’ll be able to see Jeanette Sears‘ excellent cinematography as we move through the editing process and start to have selections we’re able to share. At the moment we’re busy transcribing the interviews and logging all the footage we collected on the road, in addition to gathering some additional interviews.

Thanks to both Sarah and Jeanette for being part of the project!

In the meantime, while you’ve got film on the brain, be sure to check out this year’s MIX NYC Festival, taking place from Nov. 11-16. I’ll be there to catch a couple of the screenings, it should be great, as always.

Reading, Screening and Discussion about Unknown Play Project


I have been invited to host an event focused on the Unknown Play Project as part of an art exhibit taking place from September 12 – October 25, 2014 at the EFA Project Space in New York City. The title of of the exhibition is As We Were Saying: Art and Identity in the Age of “Post,” and it explores the ways in which identity shows up in art and culture at a time when some argue that identity-based politics are obsolete or counterproductive.

“The onset of what [author of 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, Jonathan] Crary has termed the ‘new blandness’ means there are few chances to acknowledge difference among individuals, and it only through seeing and recognizing difference that one cultivates empathy.”
– from curator Claire Barliant’s essay for the exhibition

The event will take place Wednesday, October 8, beginning at 6:30pm. There will be a reading of an excerpt from the play Unknown, a screening of a couple of minutes from the raw documentary footage, and a discussion.

The gallery is located at:
323 West 39 Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018 (map)

For more information, click here.

IMAGE INFORMATION: Cassandra Guan, Women’s Times, 2014, cyanotypes, dimensions variable (detail) [After speaking with Guan at the opening, I learned that she sourced the images for this piece from the Lesbian Herstory Archives.]

On the Road – Where Are They Now?

The documentary and play reading project that I launched this year is now properly underway. And one of the major components involves a road trip that will take me and the crew across the US to visit a handful of spaces where lesbians and queer women gather.

Our journey started on August 6 and the map below will automatically update with our progress as we go.
(To protect the privacy of people we’re visiting locations are approximate.)

View Larger Map

Click here to see more information about where the Unknown Play Project is on our journey. You can also keep up with the crew on Facebook and Instagram.

Learn more about some of our stops here, and read some of the press the project has already generated.

And thanks to all our Hatchfund supporters for helping us get on the road!

You can still contribute to the project through our fiscal sponsor, The Field. Every dollar will go towards the completion of the documentary.

Announcing Fundraising Campaign

*Thank you to all our supporters for making the
crowdfunding campaign a success
& helping us hit to road!*

The campaign will remain open until the end of July,
so you can still give.

The Unknown Play Project involves a cross-country journey to explore shifting identities and politics among lesbians and queer women through the lens of a handful of lesbian & queer spaces. This project combines community-based play readings and documentary filmmaking.