All We’ve Got


Many people, myself included, have spent at least some part of their life searching for a sense of community, a sense of belonging somewhere. It’s a tough thing to come by for many, if it exists at all. And when you do get to a place you think might fit the bill, expectations and reality can disagree painfully.

For some LGBTQ women, this search has been particularly fraught, given the ever-shrinking number of spaces intended for them.

Inspired in part by my play Unknown, this documentary film project, explores the value and role of physical gathering spaces through the lens of LGBTQ women’s communities.

Learn more about the project, the crew, see some early footage, and read up on some of the research we’ve been doing on the project website.

Art & Science

Throughout my life I’ve been interested in the relationship between art and science. It’s come up in a lot of my work, both creative and critical. I’m currently working on a couple of projects that look for ways to align art and science, demonstrating the ability of both fields to increase human knowledge and provide solutions for society’s challenges. I’ll be posting more information here about these projects in the future.

New Acquisition

Since 2007, New Acquisition has distributed nearly 5,000 pamphlets at public performances, bookstores, and art galleries around New York City.

Writing and creating performances can take years. You begin writing a play or a story and months or a couple years later it starts to make its way out into the world, through readings or workshops. And then later still a production or publication comes along, if you are persistent and lucky. I started this project in order to have something immediate, short-term, fun, and collaborative. A project that defies the usual rules of the game—it’s fast, cheap, responsive, and playful. This project has allowed me to explore new forms of performance and publishing, and also to build a project specifically aimed at providing opportunities for women—a group persistently excluded from both publishing and performance establishments even in the 21st century.

Life After the Rehearsal Club (walking tour)

The Women’s Project approached me to create a walking tour about women and theater for the iPhone app Locacious. It’s a really clever app. It allows people to use GPS to locate and listen in to stops on already recorded audio walking tours. Just like finding a subway stop or restaurant on Google maps, you can locate a stop in any city anywhere around the world and immediately listen in on the tour at anytime. It also provides a little production studio right in the app so you can create your own tours. I decided to create a tour that follows a fictional young playwright through midtown Manhattan as she goes about her work.

Please Loiter

The Work Office, a collaborative art project led by Katarina Jerinic and Naomi Miller, was soliciting work for a new iteration of their project. I applied and was accepted to participate in the group exhibition. Inspired by the Works Progress Administration, which employed artists in US during the Great Depression, the project offers Depression-era wages to artists to generate “idea-based assignments to explore, document, or improve daily life in New York.” Each artist has only 2 weeks to produce the work, and then it is presented in an exhibition. I chose to record a sound collage and build images and text to accompany the sounds.