How Do Artists Get Paid?

studio_signingIn early 2014 I was invited by the Lower East Side Printshop to run a workshop focused on how artists get paid across fields that builds on my writing for Hyperallergic about arts and labor issues, as well as the course that I taught last year, Rights, Demands, and Radical Reimaginings: Art and Labor in the US.

Since giving that initial workshop, I have been invited to give it a couple more times. If you or an organization you work for or with is interested in the topic, please get in touch.

Title: How Do Artists Get Paid?

Description: Much has been said and debated in the past few years about how artists and cultural workers are paid. Or, more specifically, the many ways in which they are not paid. But what’s often left out of those discussion is what payment actually looks like when it does come in—how much is being earned; in what form; and what the artists did to ensure they would get paid. This workshop includes a brief overview of what payments looks like for a sampling of artists working across fields, how artists have advocated for themselves past and present, and some strategies for building long-term sustainability into your career given some of the realities of artistic earnings.

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