On the Road – Where Are They Now?

The documentary and play reading project that I launched this year is now properly underway. And one of the major components involves a road trip that will take me and the crew across the US to visit a handful of spaces where lesbians and queer women gather.

Our journey started on August 6 and the map below will automatically update with our progress as we go.
(To protect the privacy of people we’re visiting locations are approximate.)

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Click here to see more information about where the Unknown Play Project is on our journey. You can also keep up with the crew on Facebook and Instagram.

Learn more about some of our stops here, and read some of the press the project has already generated.

And thanks to all our Hatchfund supporters for helping us get on the road!

You can still contribute to the project through our fiscal sponsor, The Field. Every dollar will go towards the completion of the documentary.

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