Assistance Without Resistance


Radical politics is a serious endeavor that many people engage with for a lifetime, struggling to reach a revolutionary end point. But many people who engage with radical politics burn out quickly, or their lives change, or they can no longer sustain the lifestyle demanded by their strict beliefs. My initial relationship with this world was relatively brief, and looking back on it, I wanted to find a way to respond to it with a humorous gaze, highlighting a very small slice of the human realities of living at the fringes.


Characters: 2 women, 1 man
Running Time: 45 minutes
Summary: Two ladies come to end of their rope after thirteen years drinking on the steps of hotels across the US, and a stranger offers them a way back home.

When & Where

Availability: Available for performance.
Production History:
• Reading presented by Doorway Arts Ensemble with Georgetown Theater Company at Café La Ruche, directed by Tiffany Ford, part of the SWAN Day celebrations, Washington, DC, 28 March 2009

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