Life After the Rehearsal Club (walking tour)


The Women’s Project approached me to create a walking tour about women and theater for the iPhone app Locacious. It’s a really clever app. It allows people to use GPS to locate and listen in to stops on already recorded audio walking tours. Just like finding a subway stop or restaurant on Google maps, you can locate a stop in any city anywhere around the world and immediately listen in on the tour at anytime. It also provides a little production studio right in the app so you can create your own tours. I decided to create a tour that follows a fictional young playwright through midtown Manhattan as she goes about her work.


Project Website:
Characters: 1 female, and you, the listener
Running Time: 7 stops, 2-4 minutes each, plus walking time
Summary: A young, emerging playwright leaves her day job early to take care of her own work. Over the course of the afternoon she attends a meeting with a producer, participates in the first reading of a new play of hers, drops off a script and an application, and more. Follow along and learn about what it means to be a playwright in 21st century New York.

When & Where

Availability: Anytime you please. Download the app here.
Production History:
• Commissioned by Women’s Project & Productions, Inc. (Off-Broadway theater), June 2011

* Many thanks to the Women’s Project for asking me to create this project.

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