A light-hearted survey course that I, Alexis Clements, put together for my former work colleagues upon the occasion of our weekly beer drinking celebration. Some of the links are dead (I apologize in advance for that), but some people seem to enjoy this, so I've left it up. Click here to return to my homepage.

A Brief Survey of Artistic Representations of Social Interaction:
From the Caves of Lascaux to the Halls of CIW (2004)

Lecturer: Alexis Clements
Date & Time: Fridays at 5:30 p.m.
Location: By announcement

Andreas Gursky, May Day. Chromogenic color print.
6' 9 3/4"x 16' 8"(200 x 500 cm)
Lent by the artist, courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York,
and Monika Sprüth Galerie, Cologne
© 2001 Andreas Gursky

Course Materials:

Unit 1 - Charging Bull

Unit 2 - The Devil Only Knows

Unit 3 - Quest for Fire

Unit 4 - Among Friends

Unit 5 - That's Not Art

Unit 6 - (Un)Lucky

Exam 1

Unit 7 - Where's the Beer?

Unit 8 - Theme for the Common (Wo)Man

Unit 9 - Escape from Flatland

Unit 10 - Child's Play

Unit 11 - Interiors

Unit 12 - Rites of Spring

Unit 13 - Metallicity